Sexy Bridal Glamour

Weddings are such a beautiful event but today’s brides are becoming much more creative and a little bit more uninhibited when it comes to giving personal gifts to the groom.  Many women are getting tired of just giving cuff links or Superman underwear as a honeymoon gift so many new brides are opting for a brave and maybe a little bit more controversial gift and have decided to surprise their future husbands with intimate photos of themselves.  These Sexy Bridal Glamour photos are usually not very explicit and tend to be just a little suggestive but the groom is always surprised.  Some brides prefer to have their photos taken by women photographers but others feel comfortable enough with themselves to go to a male photographer.  I have had calls from brides that have requested a woman photographer but many of the brides that I speak with actually prefer being photographed by a male photographer because they feel that a male photographer knows how to make them feel sexier but I do have a female makeup artist that is on set for the entire shoot.  I always encourage that a bride should take along another woman (maybe even a bride’s maid) as an escort (or for encouragement) to any shoot of this kind especially if you are not familiar with the photographer.  When I photograph a Bridal Glamour sessions, I always try to  put myself in the groom’s shoes  to try to anticipate what he would like to see or would not like to see in his bride’s photo book because if he is not  entirely happy with the images, the marriage and honeymoon may get off to a very rocky start.  It is definitely not worth causing any unnecessary grief over some sexy photos so it is up to the bride to know whether or not this is something for her groom.  I photographed a beautiful Bridal Glamour session for a bride and just before she had ordered her pictures the groom had watched a series on Bridal Glamour photo shoots and happened to commented that he thought that it was very tacky for a woman to have such pictures taken…. so the bride canceled her order and her images never left my studio.  As you can see, a sexy Bridal Glamour session is not for everyone but they can be a very unique and personalized gift for that special groom!