What Makes Glamour Sexy?

The female body is extremely unique and beautiful but it is still very confusing as to why some things appear to be sexy and some things are not. The one part of the body that is probably the most complex is the mind because it controls and interprets every aspect of the body and provides the emotional catalyst that is needed to interpret what makes glamour photography sexy…..but what are the triggers?. Each one of us has a different interpretation as to what makes a photograph sexy but there are some proven ingredients that I feel can add to the overall sexiness of an image.

Our imagination….our senses….and our emotions…. all play a critical part in evaluating the sexiness of a woman but there are still other factors that leads to the overall sexiness of a picture. When we create a scene which portrays a “jaw dropping” element, our body triggers a mental response that lets us know that we have successfully created a shot that is truly sexy. Some of the best known scenes that can trigger such a response can involve water, oil, heat, cold, fear, wardrobe (and lack of wardrobe) but the overall success of the image involves the believability of the moment and the natural beauty of the woman. Controlling the mood with precision lighting accentuates the glamour of the woman which sets the stage for a woman to look and feel extremely sexy. When the lighting and location is right a woman will begin to feel sexy. Her eyes will express the mood that you are trying to achieve and the true magic of a glamorous photograph will soon transpire. The sexiest and most successful glamour photographs usually involve letting your imagination to fill in the blanks because the mystery of suspense is also a very sexy trigger to achieving a successful image.

How to Become a Glamour Model

Photography by Andrew Wilson StudiosGlamour Modeling is probably the most exciting and most lucrative part of the modeling profession and no matter where you turn in our world you will see photos of beautiful women in makeup ads, on television, on billboards and in magazines everywhere.  The fact that beautiful women have always been able to represent anything from jewelry to cars indicates that sex still sells and that Glamour Modeling will always have a future.

Glamour Models are typically between the ages 18 and 25 but there are many new and former models that have exceeded all expectations by creating a glamour market for all age groups.  Former Glamour Models such as Rachel Welch, Ann-Margret and Sophia Loren still have the magic ability to transform themselves and be billed as a glamour models.

A few keys of becoming and remaining “The Next Top Glamour Model” is to eat right, stay in shape, avoid anything (including some people) that will stand in your way of accomplishing your goal and dedicate as much time as you can to be in front of the camera of as many reputable photographers as possible.  When you find a photographer that you work well with then it is time to ratchet up your ability and expand on your sexiness and beauty.   It is not necessary to shoot nude photos to be a Glamour Model but sexy or implied photos greatly enhance your marketability.  I really do not suggest shooting nude photos unless that is the direction that YOU want to go.  Some of the sexiest shots that you can shoot are the ones that leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer and that make you look classy.

There seems to be even more photographers today that are more interested in trying to get women out of their clothes than expanding their photographic craft so be careful who you are working with.  When you are meeting with or shooting glamour with a unknown photographer, I strongly advise that you to take another person along as an escort.  Most legitimate photographers will welcome the escort as long it is not your boyfriend or husband.  It very difficult for a photographer to work with a Glamour  Model that brings a boyfriend,  husband or anyone else that they are intimately involved with because the model tends to pay more attention to the person instead of the camera.