Glamour Model Agencies

Online model agencies have proven to be a great opportunity for some glamour models that were previously excluded from the traditional fashion agency markets but with this tremendous opportunity also comes a very high risk of danger.  Models are quickly discovering that screening potential clients is not always a pleasant experience and can sometimes even become a scary event.  Never….never….never meet a client for the first time by yourself and always schedule your initial meeting in a very public location.  Just because someone is looking for a model doesn’t necessarily make them legitimate…..even some of the most experienced fashion agencies have trouble screening potential clients…. so please be careful.

There are a number of very reputable online modeling agencies that provide glamour models with an opportunity to land modeling gigs and to display their portfolio without having to pay agency commissions.  Each online agency have their own style, niche and rules so it is  up to you to decide which agency is best for you.  When you sign up with an online agency you will be asked to display your images and to provide personal information for potential client to review so you will want to make sure that both your personal information and your portfolio images will be protected.

Images can be “right clicked” and stolen and may end up in ads or on other sites and just about everyone will be able to see the personal information that you publish so it is always important that you protect yourself from potential loss or danger before publishing your material.  The biggest way that you can protect your personal information is to use an alias and never…never…never publish your address or phone number and always communicate by email.

You can protect your images by making sure that they have a very obvious photographer’s watermark that would be difficult to remove and never publish any high resolution images.  Some online agencies will not allow the ability to “right click” your images so you may want to consider that when selecting your agency.  Some online agencies are free and offer a paid premium service and others are strictly paid member sites.   The advantage to the online agencies is that there is no exclusivity and there is no limit as to how many sites that you can join.  I would suggest that you limit your selection to only three online agencies so that you will be able to manage your accounts more effectively.  There are many online agencies that are available and I can supply to you a list of some of my favorites if you send me a request at: